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Why SoulQuest?

Isn’t it good to know there are a growing number of solid, Biblical counselors in the world? That’s good news! Your odds of finding the right counseling experience for your unique need and personality are very high.


We don’t want to “pitch” SoulQuest to you. That doesn’t feel honest. However, we do want to honestly share the SoulQuest experience so you can make an informed choice to aid in your own healing.


While we recognize the need to bend and sway with the needs of the client in the counseling room, here is a very basic outline of how Dr. Pete works.

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What is Dr. Pete discovering? Your story. You can freely share anything and everything you feel is important about your journey thus far. If you’re not sure what your story is, don’t worry. Dr. Pete will walk you through it - asking discovery-focused questions and giving God time to bring to mind what is important for your counseling experience.

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How has your story shaped your experience, your view of yourself and the world around you? This is a time for Dr. Pete to put himself in your shoes to help you better understand the Why behind your feelings, actions and reactions.

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SoulQuest is unique in that the Holy Spirit is wholeheartedly invited into the healing of your soul. Does that sound strange to you or even a little scary? Don’t worry. Through times of prayer and prophetic ministry, you’ll discover God to be wholly trustworthy and fully equipped to bring healing and redemption to every area of your life. Once you encounter Him, you’ll never be the same.

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All of the discovery, identification and encountering are beautiful and powerful, but without practical tools to help you walk in freedom, it can be hard to maintain them in your everyday life. Dr. Pete is thrilled to provide teaching and steps to assist you beyond the walls of the counseling room.

If after reading this, you feel a “thrill of hope,” contact us today. It is the will of God to heal every soul – including yours.

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