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It’s time to get serious about healing and moving forward.

SoulQuest Counseling is about connecting the dots of what's happening inside us when anxiety, toxic life experiences or emotions throw us for a loop. It's about navigating life with Christ and a counselor to find healing, hope, freedom, and fullness from the pain inside. 

We often need a counselor to help understand the journey of connecting our past with our current actions and reactions. That process is powerful and effective to stop us from feeling like we are in a cul-de-sac, running in meaningless circles. SoulQuest Counseling is about learning to win the war within and using soul tools to discover healing and wholeness.

Lots of people call me “Dr. Pete.” If I were sitting in your seat, I would want to know some things about me before I took that first step towards scheduling an appointment.

Dr. Pete Cannizzaro
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