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Take your soul on an out-of-the-box adventure and find healing along the way.

SoulVentures is about discovering healing for your soul outside the walls of the counseling room, church room and classroom. Going outside of your familiar environment to other cultures and countries can be just what the doctor ordered. As you embark on a physically adventurous journey, you’ll also discover the peaks and valleys of your own soul. A SoulVenture trip stays with you long after you put your passport back in the drawer. The sky's the limit for healing in the midst of engaging experiences with a group of peers in a beautiful, inspiring location.

Have a group you want to take deeper into their wholeness in Christ through a SoulVenture?

Lots of people call me “Dr. Pete.” If I were sitting in your seat, I would want to know some things about me before I took that first step towards scheduling an appointment.

Dr. Pete Cannizzaro
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