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Soul U
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SOUL U is a dream about providing a new way of a college education for the emerging generation for life and ministry.  We are dealing with a "new kind of Christian" as Brian McLaren terms it. This new kind of believer is not better kind or superior kind, just new kind. This new Christian has broadened the scope of learning styles, views the world differently and is much more open to the supernatural!


We need a new model of how to train future leaders, teachers, pastors, cross-cultural workers, and church planters within post-modernity.  The costs are also getting outrageous and we must find new ways to provide a great education for life and ministry at a lower cost. 


By now, we speak in terms of a higher level of life mentoring and coaching, a closer partnership with a local church instead of away, less one-way lecture style in the classroom, cross-cultural learning experiences in their freshman year and much lower financial costs.


It is our hope and plan to work with another local church for this new kind of church-based college.  Six years ago, our good friend Steve Dangaran and his team started a church-based college with Reach Training Institute (RTI) out of Salem Alliance church in Oregon.  Their motto is "ministry prepared and debt-free"  It is our plan to partner with them! We are still waiting for a local church.


At RTI, they are strategically working with every one of their students to make sure that they are prepared leaders in their fields of interests with all the tools necessary to succeed in life and ministry but also to graduate debt-free. It is our dream to have a Reach Training Institute out east!


To view RTI's website click here.

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