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Ministries International

Can 5 intentional minutes help you thrive in life? The answer is: Absolutely!

Dr. Pete is doing 5 minute SoulQuest Huddles on Facebook Live. Join him as he broadcasts from his study every Monday night at 7:30pm EST.

Counseling Services

SoulQuest counseling provides professional pastoral counseling for the troubled of heart.

Soul U

Soul U is a dream to start a church-based accredited college to train students for life, and ministry, in our neighborhoods and the nations.



Soul U is also about retreats, conferences, seminars, and symposiums on Soul Care Topics.

SoulV entures

SoulVentures are spiritual pilgrimages throughout the world where we seek ways within the environment, and through spiritual disciplines, to connect with ourselves, Christ, and others. It also is a time to discover more of our calling.

Journey Deep within


I believe that Dr. Pete is blessed by God with discernment into the spiritual aspects and nature of this addiction and that he has genuinely cared for me through my process of discovery, restoration, and growth.
Male in his 40s
Contact SoulQuest

Thanks for submitting! If you don't hear from us within 24 hours please call Dr. Pete at 814-933-6309.

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