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SoulVentures is a spiritual pilgrimage, a life adventure, where we take the classroom to the outdoors. It is an opportunity to connect intimately with Christ, others and ourselves, through spiritual truths and practices not possible in the confines of a school, corporate life or even church Sunday school classroom and yes, even from our living rooms.


It’s a spiritual adventure to find new ways of connecting with Christ in the meadows or the mountains, from hiking trails or historical sites, castles in Europe to cliffs overlooking the American landscape. Sometimes we hear better about who we are and what our calling is in life by solitude and silence, by community with a common cause and letting the landscape speak to us about the things of the kingdom.


What's Coming?

- Fall 2019, a section hike on the Appalachian Trail.

- A SoulVentures trip to Atlanta in August 2019.

- A SoulVentures Marriage retreat in late winter of 2020 to Tuscany, Italy.

- A spiritual pilgrimage on the El Camino, Spain.

- Fall/Winter of 2020/2021, a SoulVentures Prayer Journey to Grenoble, France.


Have an idea for a SoulVentures?  We’d love to hear it!

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