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About Us

Ellen and I have been married for 30 years, after a seven-year dating adventure from high school through our college years, in the 1980s. Our story includes enduring four years of college while being twelve hundred miles apart with only a pen, paper, and expensive phone calls to stay connected! Instant texting and Instagram was non-existent. She truly is my Soulmate.


We have three grand slam children who all love and follow Jesus. Alisha is 23, Josh is 22 and Jake is 17. Alisha is a senior at Penn State University and will eventually work at a Youth Center in central PA. Josh has an Associates Degree in Missions and is living and working in the State College area. Jake is a senior at Grace Prep High School and is gearing up for a gap year before college. Jake will serve as my Assistant Coach in soccer and is one of the teachers with SoulQuest.


Ellen has a degree in Special Education and a Masters in Education.  She is currently working on a second Masters in Educational Technology. She has been in the special education community for over 30 years. She has been employed by the State College Area School District for 15 years and currently is the Program Coordinator for LifeLink PSU at Penn State University.  She is a co-founder of SoulQuest Ministries International.


Pete has been in full-time ministry for 30 years.  He served as pastor for 18 years, while serving in other ministry capacities and business ventures. He is the owner of Paint by Pete and Cannizzaro’s Tree Shoppe. He is currently teaching Bible at Grace Prep high school, coaching soccer, serving as Athletic Director and serving as Executive Director of SoulQuest.


Ellen is passionate about travel, all things England, visiting all our national and state parks, kayaking, and watching a good movie at home with her tea. Pete’s passions include European travel, NY Yankee baseball, Tottenham Hotspur's soccer, getting lost in a good book or movie, going deep into the woods on a hike, and playing baseball fetch with his chocolate lab, Lily.


Ellen and Pete have dreamed of launching a ministry for the emerging generation for quite some time. We believe everything before us has pointed to this faith adventure, as Abraham had to wait 25 years for his son! It was 14 years ago that a pastoral leader prayed the most faith stretching prayer regarding God's desire to use us for this emerging generation. Two years ago Pete finished his doctoral work in Soul Care, we began SoulQuest Ministries International in August of 2018!


It is our dream to see SoulQuest Ministries International equip the emerging generation in their intimacy with Christ and in their calling from Christ through teaching, coaching, spiritual pilgrimages, and professional counseling.


Please feel free to contact us about one on one counseling, a SoulVenture in the world, a conference or a retreat! Coming soon: Life Coaching!

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